The Pound is facing a second investigation by the RSPCA following allegations of underweight, sick or poorly cared for dogs

A council-run pound in western New South Wales has come under a second investigation over the mistreatment of several sick dogs and puppies.

Readers are advised that this article contains sad content.

Bourke Shire Council has been accused of animal cruelty and failing to fulfill its duty of care in a new complaint against the NSW Government and RSPCA NSW.

The claim, which the council strongly denied, came after two volunteers from the Corporation for Animal Rescue and Education (DARE) went to the pound in February to pick up nine dogs and puppies.

Dogs covered in feces and ticks

In a complaint heard by the ABC, Animal Liberation found that all but one of the nine dogs were infected with parvovirus, had faeces and other health problems.

They said Fleur, a border collie, had been lying in her litter for three weeks with the pound, unable to stand.

DARE also took three cattle cross dogs.()

Six-month-old Bellatrix is ​​believed to have been described as “very aggressive” by a ranger who used a skid steer to lead the pup to a rescue van.

In their complaint to the council, they said the dog refused to walk and fell to the ground, so the inspector had to drag the puppy into the van by “sliding down its throat like a pure slip” before lifting it into the van. nose”.

The complaint also calls into question the care of the council pound after Fleur weighed at least 3kg and two other dogs appeared to be underweight despite having been at the pound for several weeks.

The council denies the allegations

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