Hollywood’s Big Freeze steals the show with a hilarious one-liner

Hollywood superstar Eric Bana took the cake with hilarious humor at the annual Big Freeze party at the MCG.

Bana was the last of the nine celebrities, but that saved the best for last.

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A St Kilda super fan went down dressed as former Saints cult hero Carl Ditterich, but his pre-slide one-liner drew laughter from the MCG.

“I brought a ball with me because I lose a couple on the way down,” he said.

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Mick Fanning

Three world surfing champions became the Marvel Comics character Silver Surfer.

Asked if she would consider a wetsuit for the icy plunge, Fanning said: “No, no, we have to fight for a cause. It’s not too bad.’

Mick Fanning comes down the slide as the Silver Surfer. Credits: Quinn Rooney/Getty Images

Sean Burgoyne

The four-time Premier League champion dressed as Spider-Man in a clever ode to his Silky nickname.

Burgoyne shivered violently from the coldness of the water.

“I have never seen such a reaction. He is absolutely filthy for preparing himself for this. Not happy! I have never seen a man with cold and restless veins!” Channel 7 commentator Brian Taylor said this.

Commentator Hamish McLachlan added: “BT, I’ve never seen such a cold face.”

The 407-game hero gave a measured response as he emerged from the water.

“It’s colder than I thought,” he said.

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – JUNE 12: Former Hawthorns champion Sean Burgoyne is seen in the Big Freeze slide during the 2023 AFL Round 13 match between the Melbourne Demons and the Collingwood Magpies at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on June 20, 2023 in Melbourne. (Photo by Dylan Burns/AFL Photos via Getty Images) Credits: Dylan Burns/AFL Photos/AFL photos via Getty Images

Tayla Harris

AFLW premiership player and boxing champion stepped down as Matildas captain Sam Kerr.

“That’s why I avoid ice baths,” he said.

Tayla Harris stars as Sam Kerr. Credits: Dylan Burns/AFL Photos/AFL photos via Getty Images

Aaron Finch

The former Australian cricket captain stepped out as Captain Feathersword – a character the Wiggles are famous for.

“It’s as cold as I thought,” he said.

Aaron Finch lost his hat while diving. Credits: Dylan Burns/AFL Photos/AFL photos via Getty Images

Tony Shaw

The 1990 Collingwood premier went down as Beetlejuice.

“He wears black and white, he’s sly, he’s funny and he loves to win, that’s what Collingwood is all about!” Shaw talked about his costume.

Daniher was given a special message after starting the show.

“What an inspiration and a great cause he was. I whispered in his ear, I love him. That’s it,” he said.

Tony Shaw falls into the icy water. Credits: Dylan Burns/AFL Photos/AFL photos via Getty Images

Abbie Helmy

Channel 7 host turned into Disney character Maleficent.

Wasting no time, the new mother flew down the slide.

“It’s cold by my side, but it’s worth it. That’s good. I’m fine,” he said.

Abby Gelmi falls into the icy water. Credits: Quinn Rooney/Getty Images

Jason Dunstall

Hawthorn champion and media personality took on the role of Aquaman.

“You have no idea how much ice and water is in that suit,” Dunstall said after emerging from the water.

“This is a legacy I have never seen before and will never see again. He continues to fight the battle, the rest of us must win.”

Aaron Finch lost his hat while diving. Credits: Quinn Rooney/Getty Images

Michelle Payne

The Melbourne Cup winning jockey was there to support her brother Stevie (Hulk) and went down as Wonder Woman.

“Oh my gosh, it feels like 1,000 needles, but it’s all worth it,” she said.

“What an inspiration, great to be a part of.”

Michelle Payne falls after being pushed by the Stevie (Hulk) brothers. Credits: Quinn Rooney/Getty Images

Eric Bana

The tragedy for the Hollywood superstar and the Saints was one of his favorite players, Carl Ditterich.

“I remember watching him on the wing when I was little. He’s a scary guy. I hope he’s watching today,” Bana said.

He has also flirted with the idea of ​​appearing as Nick Riewoldt or his famous character Poida on the Australian comedy show Full Frontal.

“I was going to come as Poida, but unfortunately he died from crowd surfing at a Motley Crue concert a few years ago, so I couldn’t bring him back.

Eric Bana loved every second of the slide. Credits: Quinn Rooney/Getty Images

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